Pteris vittata— Chinese Brake, Ladder Brake—PTERIDACEAE.

Pteris vittata

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Habitat—Grows on hillsides, often near streams; on moist rock walls creek banks and beds in rainforest and in Sydney suburbs often volunteering on and around concrete structures, such as crib walling and mortar joints in old buildings and railway platforms; rare. Favouring Limestone.

Distribution—Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia. Also New Guinea, Asia, Africa and Europe.

Description—Terrestrial fern with a short-creeping, thick rhizome, covered with pale, papery scales.

Local occurrences

Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney.

Fronds.— mostly 30 to 80 cm long, erect, 1—pinnate, mid to dark green; stipe brown at the base, densely covered with pale scales and hairs; pinnae ± opposite, stalked, ± glabrous, in 15 to 30 pairs, with a terminal pinna, decreasing in size towards base of frond, upper pinnae 10 to 15 cm long and 1 cm wide, the lowermost pinnae 2 to 5 cm long; veins free, simple or forked once.

Sori.—linear, continuous, inconspicuous

Pteris vittata