Parsonsia velutina—Hairy Silkpod—APOCYNACEAE.

Parsonsia velutina

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Habitat—: Common in warmer rainforest.

Distribution— North from Gosford in New South Wales to Queensland. Also Western Australia and Northern Territory.

Description—Woody climber to 8 m high or more, new growth brown—hairy, sap watery.

Local occurrences

Cape Hawke, Copeland, Wingham Brush and Zamia Place Reserve.

Leaves.— Simple, opposite, with latex, without basal glands; ovate, mostly 7 to 19 cm long, 3.5 to 9 cm wide, apex acuminate to a fine point, base strongly cordate (2—lobed in leaves on juvenile plants), lower surface softly pubescent with brownish hairs; petiole 10 to 40 mm.

Parsonsia velutina
Parsonsia velutina

Inflorescence.—Condensed axillary cymes, sessile or almost so. Corolla lobes erect, 2 to 2.5 mm long, bearded inside at base; tube 1 to 2 mm long. Anther cone almost wholly enclosed within the corolla, filaments not twisted.

Flowering.—Spring to Summer.

Fruit.—Capsule suberect, 7 to 15 cm long, c. 10 mm diam., glabrous or pubescent.

Ripe.—Summer to Autumn.

Parsonsia velutina