Elaeodendron australe var. integrifolium— Turkey Bush—CELASTRACEAE

Elaeodendron australe var. integrifolium

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Habitat—Grows in woodlands with dense shrubby understorey and dry rainforest, often in sandy soil.

Distribution—Occurs in inland areas from near Narrabri in New South Wales and north to Queensland

Description—Shrub to 3 m high

Local occurrences

Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney

Leaves.— Simple, opposite, toothed, stipules present, more than 4 times as long as broad, oblong or slightly elliptic or slightly obovate; lamina mostly 2.7–10 cm long, 0.4–2 cm wide

Elaeodendron australe var. integrifolium
Elaeodendron australe var. integrifolium

Inflorescence.—In terminal panicles


Fruit.—Ellipsoidal, rarely subglobular, 9 to 15 mm long, 4 to 9 mm diam, yellowish.