Clerodendrum floribundum var. floribundum —Lolly Bush—LAMIACEAE

Clerodendrum floribundum var. floribundum

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Habitat—In and on the margins of Rainforest and Sclerophyll Forest.

Distribution—North from the Mid North Coast of New South Wales and into Queensland. Also in Western Australia and Papua New Guinea.

Description—Tall shrub or small tree, 1.5 to 6.5 m high; stem glabrous or pubescent on young parts.

Local occurrences

Bongil Bongil National Park, Coorabakh National Park and Dorrigo National Park

Leaves.—Simple, opposite, entire, without oil dots, mainly hairless. Narrowly elliptic or narrowly ovate, 4.5 to 10cm long, 2–4cm wide, subchartaceous, glabrous or minutely pilose on venation below; base tapering; apex acute-acuminate; petiole 7 to 20mm long, hairy.

Clerodendrum floribundum var. floribundum
Clerodendrum floribundum var. floribundum

Inflorescence.—A terminal corymbose thyrse; peduncles hairy, slender, 2 to 5 cm long; bracts narrowly ovate, 15 to 25 mm long, 5 to 10 mm wide, on a petiole 2 to 3 mm long; bracteoles narrowly ovate, sessile, 2 to 5 mm long. Flowers pleasantly aromatic; Corolla white, glabrous; tube slender, 20 to 30mm long, 1 to 2 mm diam.; lobes elliptic–oblong, 3 to 5mm long, 2 to 3mm wide. Stamens much exserted; filaments white, glabrous, filiform. Ovary glabrous, 1 to 1.5 mm diam.; style much exserted, white, glabrous, 30 to 45mm long.


Fruit.— Globose–obovoid, 5 to 10 mm diam., purple–black, glabrous; fruiting calyx dark red.


Clerodendrum floribundum var. floribundum