Trema tomentosa var. aspera—Native Peach, Poison Peach—CANNABACEAE.

Trema tomentosa var. aspera

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Habitat— Widespread in regrowth and margins of rainforest, in moist sclerophyll forest and in open rocky areas. A widespread and variable species.

Distribution—Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and Northern Territory.

Description—Shrub or small tree, evergreen, young branches pubescent.

Local occurrences

Barrington/Gloucester Tops, Bennett Head, Black Head, Black Head Beach, Black Head Flora Park, Brown's Creek Bicentennial Gardens, Burgess Beach, Burgess Road, Cape Hawke, Coocumbac Island, Diamond Beach, Dixon Property, Forster Cemetery, Golden Ponds Reserve, Karloo Street Reserve, Knappinghat Nature Reserve, One Mile Beach, Pebbly Beach, Penenton Creek and Wetlands, Red Head, Reservoir Hill Reserve, Sea Acres National Park, Stephen Street Reserve, The Sanctuary, Tuncurry Dunes and Heath, Wallamba River Area, Wallingat National Park and Zamia Place Reserve.

Leaves.— Simple, alternate, toothed, rough to touch, ovate to lanceolate, mostly 2 to 8 cm long, 10 to 30 mm wide, light green, scabrous, strongly 3—veined from base, main veins usually hairy below; petiole 5 to 10 mm long.

Trema tomentosa var. aspera
Trema tomentosa var. aspera

Inflorescence.—Flowers very small, greenish


Fruit.—Drupe globose, to 4 mm diam. Recorded as being toxic to stock, but it is not usually eaten except under dry conditions.

Ripe.—February to May

Trema tomentosa var. aspera