Syzygium tierneyanum—River Cherry, Creek Satinash—MYRTACEAE

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Habitat—In Rainforest and Gallery Forest along creeks and watercourses.

Distribution— Cape York Peninsula and North East Queensland. Also NewGuinea and Solomon Islands

Description—A large spreading Tree

Local occurrences—Darawank Creek Reserve

Leaves.—Simple, opposite, entire, oil dots small but numerous - brownish when viewed wih a lens, stipules absent, intramarginal vein obscure, leaf blades about 8.9 to 18.6 by 3 to 6.9 cm.

Inflorescence.—Borne on the twigs below or back from the leaves, never terminal, bracts deciduous, absent at anthesis.


Fruit.—A white berry, globular, attaining about 20 mm, slightly excavated at the apex, calex lobes persistent about 3mm long. See solitary, green or purplish when fresh, stipules present.