Tylophora grandiflora—Small-leaved Tylophora—APOCYNACEAE.

Tylophora grandiflora

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Habitat— Grows in dry rainforest.

Distribution—North from Hunter River in New South Wales into Queensland.

Description— Twiner to 3 m high, stems hairy; latex watery, clear.

Local occurrences

Australis Resort, Black Head Flora Park, Cape Hawke and Knappinghat Nature Reserve.

Leaves.— Simple, opposite, with latex and basal glands, lamina triangular to ovate or oblong-ovate, 1 to 4.5 cm long, 0.6 to 2.5 cm wide, apex acute or acuminate, often aristate, base truncate or cordate, both surfaces pubescent; petiole 3 to 14 mm long, pubescent.

Tylophora grandiflora
Tylophora grandiflora

Inflorescence.— Solitary or in simple umbels of 2 to 5 flowers; peduncles 5 to 15 mm long; pedicels 2 to 3.5 cm long. Corolla 14 to 25 mm diam., purple—red; lobes spreading, narrow—oblong, obtuse, 6 to 12 mm long, sparsely hairy. Corona segments basally united, very broadly spoon—shaped.

Flowering.—Summer to Autumn.

Fruit.—Follicles slender, 7 to 10 cm long.

Ripe.—Autumn to Winter.