Arthropteris tenella —Climbing Fishbone Fern—DAVALLIACEAE

Arthropteris tenella

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Habitat—Widespread in rainforest, growing on rocks or trees

Distribution—From southern New South Wales to north Queensland.

Description—Rhizome very long—creeping, rigid, to 6 mm diam., densely covered with brown scales.

Local occurrences

Barrington/Gloucester Tops, Bennett Head, Boorganna Nature Reserve, Booti Hill, Cape Hawke, Copeland, Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney, Wingham Brush and Zamia Place Reserve.

Fronds.—Fronds erect to pendent, usually 25 to 45 cm long, sometimes to 60 cm long; stipe to 8 cm long, yellowish to reddish brown, scaly; lamina bright green, glossy, thinly leathery, narrow-elliptic; pinnae 3 to 10 cm long, apex of upper pinnae acuminate, that of lower pinnae acute or obtuse, margins entire or crenulate, glabrous or with a few scattered white hairs.

Arthropteris tenella
Arthropteris tenella

Sori.—Sori ± circular, indusium absent