Platycerium superbum—Staghorn—POLYPODIACEAE

Platycerium superbum

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Habitat—Mainly epiphytic in rainforest.

Distribution— North from Nabiac on the Manning River in New South Wales to Queensland.

Description—A bracket epiphyte or lithophytic, fern with a short—creeping rhizome almost unbranched and clothed with thin scales.

Local occurrences

Forster/Tuncurry Streets, Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney, Sea Acres National Park, Second Head, Stephen Street Reserve and Zamia Place Reserve.

Fronds.—Sterile 'nest leaves' often 60 cm or more diam., the upper part spreading, wedge—shaped, the margin deeply and irregularly lobed, remaining green for a number of years, then becoming brown and papery. Fertile fronds 75 to 160 cm long, spreading to pendent, dichotomously divided 4 to 6 times, the ultimate segments 1.5 to 4 cm wide

Platycerium superbum
Platycerium superbum

Sori.—Sporangia in a single large patch 10 to 50 cm diam., situated in the fork of the first dichotomy of the lamina.