Callitris macleayana— Stringybark Pine, Brush Cypress, Stringybark Cypress Pine— Cupressaceae

Callitris macleayana

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Habitat— Usually grows on the margins of rain forest but also found in wet sclerophyll forest.

Distribution— North from Port Stephens in New South Wales to North East and South East Queensland. Altitudinal range in North East Queensland from 700-1200 m.

Description—Tree with spreading branches and subfibrous furrowed bark.

Local occurrences

Comboyne State Forest, Ellenborough Falls, Myall Lakes National Park, Raintrees Diamond Beach and Sea Acres National Park

Leaves.— Mature leaves 2 to 3 mm long, dorsal surface acutely keeled, juvenile leaves 10 to 15 mm long, often remaining even on shoots bearing cones.

Callitris macleayana
Callitris macleayana

Fruit.—Female cones 20 to 30 mm diam., solitary on thick fruiting branchlets, remaining on the branches long after maturity; cone scales usually 6; 8 if borne on juvenile branches, each scale with a small dorsal point near the apex; columella very short, 3–lobed or 3–partite or 4–lobed in cones on juvenile branches