Celastrus australis —Staff Vine, Staff Climber—CELASTRACEAE

Celastrus australis

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Habitat—Widespread in warmer rainforest.

Distribution—Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

Description—Climbing dioecious shrub, ± glabrous; stems mostly grey to grey—brown, young branchlets with broad-ovate to triangular erose scales near base.

Local occurrences

Boorganna Nature Reserve, Booti Hill, Brown's Creek Bicentennial Gardens, Forster Cemetery and Wingham Brush.

Leaves.— Simple, alternate, toothed, branches with raised pale lenticels; lanceolate to elliptic, often falcate towards apex, mostly 3 to 9 cm long, 1 to 4 cm wide, apex acute or acuminate, margins entire or toothed; petiole 3 to 15 mm long.

Celastrus australis
Celastrus australis Celastrus australis
Celastrus australis

Inflorescence— In terminal panicles on pedicels to 2.8 mm long, yellowish green. Sepals 1.5 to 2 mm long. Petals 1.8 to 3 mm long.

Flowering.—October to June.

Fruit— Capsule ellipsoid to subglobose, 3 to 6.5 mm long, light brown, inner surface with scattered red spots; seeds 3 to 4 mm long, aril orange.


Celastrus australis