Hibiscus splendens—Pink Hibiscus, Hollyhock Tree—MALVACEAE

Hibiscus splendens

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Habitat— Usually on rocky slopes in mixed forest and margins of Rainforest.

Distribution—From the Central Coast of New South Wales, north into Queensland.

Description—Tall shrub or small tree to 6 m high, with a dense velvety pubescence, interspersed with prickles.

Local occurrences

Tallwoods and Wallingat National Park

Leaves.— Simple, alternate, finely toothed with numerous short prickles an rough bark. Lower leaves palmately 3 to 5–lobed, lamina 6 to 15 cm long; upper leaves lanceolate to ovate, lamina 3 to 8 cm long.

Hibiscus splendens
Hibiscus splendens

Inflorescence—Solitary, axillary. Epicalyx segments 10 to 12, linear, 18 to 25 mm long. Calyx lobes lanceolate, acuminate, 30 to 40 mm long; nectaries absent. Corolla c. 7 cm long, pink.

Flowering.—October to November.

Fruit—Capsule 30 mm long, with a dense covering of long-appressed straw-coloured hairs.


Hibiscus splendens