Lomandra spicata—Orange Lomandra—ASPARAGACEAE.

Lomandra spicata

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Habitat—Grows in most types of rainforest, to 1300 m alt.

Distribution— North from Mt Royal in New South Wales extending to Queensland.

Description—Perennial tussock, robust.

Local occurrences

Barrington/Gloucester Tops, Black Head, Black Head Flora Park, Boorganna Nature Reserve, Cape Hawke, Cellito, Coocumbac Island, Copeland, Dixon Property, One Mile Beach, Seven Mile Beach and Green Point, Tiona, Wingham Brush and Zamia Place Reserve.

Leaves.— Leaves flat, rather thin, 40 to 80 cm long, 4 to 12 mm wide; apex usually acute, with small lateral teeth; sheath margins intact or splitting coarsely with age, brown or whitish.

Lomandra spicata
Lomandra spicata

Inflorescence—Male inflorescence unbranched or rarely with short branches at lowest nodes or the rachis forked; scape 2 or more times longer than rachis, flattened; flower clusters whorled.
Female inflorescence unbranched, the rachis shorter in relation to the scape, otherwise similar to male inflorescence. Cluster bracts conspicuous, pointed, usually longer than flowers; bract and inner bract golden brown or whitish. Flowers ellipsoidal or cylindrical, sessile; male flowers 3 to 3.5mm long, females c. 4.5mm long. Outer tepals shiny, scarious, purplish or yellow; inner tepals dull, fleshy,yellow or cream.


Fruit—Capsule orange—yellow


Lomandra spicata