Parsonsia straminea— Common Silkpod, Monkey Rope—APOCYNACEAE.

Parsonsia straminea

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Habitat—Widespread and common in most types of rainforest and sclerophyll forest.

Distribution— North from Mt Dromedary in New South Wales to North Queensland.

Description—Woody vine climbing by adventitious roots and twinning stems, sap watery.

Local occurrences

Australis Resort, Barrington/Gloucester Tops, Bennett Head, Black Head, Black Head Beach, Black Head Flora Park, Booti Hill, Brown's Creek Bicentennial Gardens, Burgess Beach, Burgess Road, Cape Hawke, Cellito, Charlotte Head, Cliff Road, Coocumbac Island, Copeland, Crowdy Bay National Park, Darawank Nature Reserve and Wetland, Diamond Beach, Diamond Beach LRF, Dixon Property, Elizabeth Beach, Forster Cemetery, Golden Ponds Reserve, Goldens Road Wetlands, Great Lakes College-Tuncurry Campus, Karloo Street Reserve, Knappinghat Nature Reserve, Ohmas Bay, One Mile Beach, Pebbly Beach, Penenton Creek and Wetlands, Red Head, Reservoir Hill Reserve, Saltwater Nature Reserve, Sea Acres National Park, Second Head, Seven Mile Beach and Green Point, Stephen Street Reserve, Talawahl Nature Reserve, Tern Island, The Islands, The Sanctuary, Tiona, Tonie's Gully, Tuncurry Dunes and Heath, Tuncurry Flora Park, Waitui Falls, Wallamba Cove, Wallamba River Area, Wallingat National Park, Wingham Brush and Zamia Place Reserve.

Leaves.— Simple, opposite, latex present, basal glands absent, undersurface pale yellowish–green. Dimorphic; adult leaves elliptic to oblong-ovate, 4 to 24 cm long, 1.5 to 8 cm wide, (larger in shade leaves), base rounded or slightly cordate, lower surface glaucous, yellowish green, leathery to stiff, thick; finely reticulate on both surfaces, reticulum raised in dried leaves; leaves on juvenile plants 1 to 5 cm long, cordate, thin, purple on lower surface; petiole 5 to 45 mm long.

Parsonsia straminea
Parsonsia straminea

Inflorescence.— Pale yellow, in terminal and axillary panicles, minutely pubescent. Corolla lobes 4 to 5 mm long, spreading or recurved, brown hairy outside, white hairy inside, in the lower half or almost to the tips; tube c. 3 mm long. Anther cone half—exserted to almost fully exserted, filaments not twisted.

Flowering.—Most of the Year.

Fruit.—Capsule 10 to 20 cm long, slender

Ripe.—Most of the year, mainly late spring to early summer.

Parsonsia straminea