Dockrillia schoenina—Pencil Orchid—ORCHIDACEAE.

Dockrillia schoenina

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Habitat— Commonly on rainforest margins or along streams or in swamps, usually growing high in trees but also on boulders and cliff faces; in rainforest and other shady sites.

Distribution—North from the Hunter River in New South Wales and into Queensland.

Description— Tough, woody, unappealing looking epiphytic orchid (occasionally lithophytic) except when in flower. The plant structure looks like a bunch of wiry sticks growing upwards, with dull stick like leaves.

Local occurrences

Boorganna Nature Reserve and Queen Elizabeth Park Taree.

Leaves.—Erect, linear, cylindrical but slightly tapering at both ends; succulent, grooved, up to 16cm long and to 12 mm diam. Leaves are not consistent in size, decrease successively along plant.
Stems: erect to pendent, wiry, 2-12cm long, 1-8mm diam., with 1 leaf at apex;
Roots: smooth, creeping

Dockrillia schoenina
Dockrillia schoenina

Inflorescence— Usually single, 3 to 4 cm across, pale green, purplish striation towards center of sepals and a recurved whitish labellum with ruffled purplish edges.

Flowering.—September to November.