Sarcochilus australis—Butterfly Orchid—ORCHIDACEAE

Sarcochilus australis

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Habitat—Grows on outer branches of trees in Gallery Rainforest; from sea level to c. 1000 m alt.,

Distribution— South from the Tapin Tops National Park in New South Wales, through Victoria and into Tasmania.

Description—Semi–pendent epiphyte, usually with 1 shoot; stems 0.5 to 7 cm long

Local occurrences

Tapin Tops National Park

Leaves.—Narrow–oblong to narrow–elliptic, 2 to 12 cm long, 3 to 14 mm wide, slightly channelled, not spotted.

Inflorescence.— 1.5 to 19 cm long, 1 to 15–flowered, pendent; rachis usually much longer than peduncle; pedicel plus ovary 3 to 8 mm long. Flowers not campanulate; dorsiventral dimension of flower conspicuously greater than lateral dimension. Sepals and lateral petals narrow–oblong, often markedly dilated near the tip, green to brown or rarely yellow. Labellum 3.5 to 6 mm long, about half as long as dorsal sepal, glabrous; lateral lobes oblong. Column c. 2 mm long, about half as long as column foot, set almost at right angles to it.

Flowering.— October to December

Sarcochilus australis