Parsonsia rotata —Veinless Silkpod—APOCYNACEAE

Parsonsia rotata

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HabitatSubtropical and Littoral rainforest.—

Distribution—North from Cape Hawke near Forster in New South Wales to Queensland.

Description—Climber with glabrous twining stems, older stems >5mm diam. with prominent corky outgrowths, sap watery.

Local occurrences

Black Head, Cape Hawke, Copeland, Red Head and Sea Acres National Park

Leaves.— Simple, entire, opposite, latex present, colourless; oblong—lanceolata to lanceolate or oblong—elliptic, 5—15 cm long, 2—5 cm wide, apex abruptly acuminate to short—acute, base rounded to cuneat; lamina glabrous, soft to firm, upper surface dark green and shiny, lower surface paler; secondary veins faintly visible on upper surface and ±invisible on lower surface, finer veins invisible; petiole 8—20 mm long.

Parsonsia rotata
Parsonsia rotata

Inflorescence.—In axillary cymes, glabrous. Corolla lobes c. 7 mm long; tube 2—3 mm long, bearded at the throat. Anther cone slightly exserted, filaments not twisted.

Flowering.—December to May

Fruit—Capsule 15—20 co long, c 20 mm diam, glabrous

Ripe.—April to July

Parsonsia rotata