Cryptocarya rigida —Forest Maple—LAURACEAE

Cryptocarya rigida

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Habitat—In coastal Subtropical and Warm-temperate Rainforest, especially on their margins, and in tall eucalypt forest.

Distribution—North from Ourimbah area in New South Wales and Queensland.

Description—Shrub to small tree; young growth covered with pale brown, mainly appressed, hairs.

Local occurrences

Barrington/Gloucester Tops, Bennett Head, Black Head, Black Head Flora Park, Booti Hill, Cape Hawke, Cellito, Diamond Beach, Diamond Beach LRF, Dixon Property, Karloo Street Reserve, Knappinghat Nature Reserve, Red Head, Sea Acres National Park, Seven Mile Beach and Green Point, Stephen Street Reserve, Talawahl Nature Reserve, Tiona, Waitui Falls, Wallingat National Park and Zamia Place Reserve.

Leaves.— Simple, alternate, oil dots minute, glaucous below; lanceolate to ovate, 5 to 13 cm long, 2 to 5 cm wide, apex acuminate, upper surface dark green and glabrous except for scattered hairs often along the depressed midvein, lower surface paler and ± glaucous with white or pale brown, erect and appressed hairs; secondary veins 5 to 7 pairs, reticulum areolate but only conspicuous in dried leaves; petiole 5 to 10 mm long, usually finely hairy.

Cryptocarya rigida
Cryptocarya rigida Cryptocarya rigida
Cryptocarya rigida

Inflorescence—Panicles shorter than leaves. ca 3 mm long, hairy.

Flowering.—May to July.

Fruit—Fruit ovoid to ellipsoid, pointed, c. 20 mm long, c. 15 mm diam., black and sometimes glaucous.

Ripe.—January to May.

Cryptocarya rigida