Callitris rhomboidea —Port Jackson Pine—CUPRESSACEAE

Callitris rhomboidea

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Habitat—In woodland, Littoral Rainforest, on the coast and tablelands; widespread, but not common.

Distribution—Tasmania, South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

Description—Tree or shrub, often glaucous, with spreading branches.

Local occurrences

Bennett Head, Black Head Flora Park, Brown's Creek Bicentennial Gardens, Cape Hawke, Great Lakes College-Forster Campus, Great Lakes College-Tuncurry Campus and Sea Acres National Park.

Leaves.— Leaves 2 to 3 mm long, appressed to the branchlets, keeled dorsally

Callitris rhomboidea
Callitris rhomboidea Callitris rhomboidea

Fruit—Female cones usually clustered on fruiting branches, remaining long after maturity, globose to depressed-globose, 20 mm diam.; cone scales thick, alternate scales smaller, larger scales broader above and abruptly angled into a short wide apex; columella mostly short, occasionally to 3 mm long, 3-lobed or with 3 separate parts.

Ripe.—May to July

Callitris rhomboidea