Rhodamnia argentea—Silver Myrtle, Malletwood, Brown Malletwood, Silver Leaf, Silver Malletwood —MYRTACEAE

Rhodamnia argentea

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Habitat—Grows in warmer rainforest.

Distribution— North from the Hastings River in new South Wales and into Queensland.

Description—Tree to 30 m high with papery bark; branchlets whitish hairy.

Local occurrences

Great Lakes College-Forster Campus and Tallwoods

Leaves.—Simple, opposite, entire, oil dots present, leaves strongly three–veined from near base, ovate to elliptic, 4 to 13 cm long, 2.5 to 6 cm wide, apex slightly acuminate with an acute or rounded tip, base cuneate, upper surface green and glossy, lower surface dull and silvery white with fine hairs; lateral veins ± transverse; oil glands mostly invisible except for a few along margins; petiole 3–20 mm long.

Inflorescence.— 1 to 4 per axil, each usually 3–flowered; peduncles 5 to 12 mm long. Hypanthium densely tomentose. Sepals 2 to 2.5 mm long, persistent. Petals 3 to 4 mm diam., white. Style 2 to 4 mm long. Stamens 3 to 4 mm long.

Flowering.—Late Spring to Summer.

Rhodamnia argentea
Rhodamnia argentea

Fruit.—Fruit globose, 6 to 10 mm diam., black.

Ripe.—Summer to Autumn