Coprosma quadrifida—Spiny Coprosma, Prickly Currant Bush—RUBIACEAE

Coprosma quadrifida

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Habitat—Grows in damp sites in woodland, sclerophyll forest, subtropical rainforest and cool-temperate rainforest, usually along creeks.

Distribution—Tasmania, Victoria and North to Dorrigo in New South Wales.

Description—Slender shrub 2 to 4 m high; branches divaricate, often spinescent; branchlets pubescent.

Local occurrences

Barrington/Gloucester Tops

Leaves.— Plants with axillary thorns. Simple, alternate, entire, crowded, variable, narrow—ovate to obovate or elliptic to lanceolate, 5 to 15 mm long, 2 to 5 mm wide, apex obtuse to subacute, lamina glabrous, venation reticulate; shortly petiolate; stipules obtuse, cuspidate.

Coprosma quadrifida
Coprosma quadrifida

Inflorescence—Solitary, terminal on axillary branchlets. Male flowers with calyx cup—shaped; corolla funnel—shaped, c. 3 mm long, lobes longer than tube. Female flowers with calyx well—developed; corolla tubular, c. 3 to 4 mm long, lobes longer than tube, recurved


Fruit—Drupe oblong, c. 5 mm long, red, crowned by persistent calyx lobes.


Coprosma quadrifida