Psychotria daphnoides— Smooth Psychotria—RUBIACEAE

Psychotria daphnoides

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Habitat—Grows in Subtropical Rainforest and moist sites in wet sclerophyll forest.

Distribution—North from Manning River in New South Wales and into Queensland.

Description—Shrub to c. 3 m high, glabrous to sparsely hairy.


Australian National Botanic Gardens Canberra

Leaves.— Simple, entire, opposite, stipules present, domatia mostly absent; lamina oblanceolate to obovate or oblong, mostly 1 to 9.5 cm long, 4 to 36 mm wide, apex shortly acuminate, acute or ± obtuse, margins recurved to revolute, lamina glabrous to ± hairy on lower surface, lateral veins faint; petiole 1 to 13 mm long.

Psychotria daphnoides
Psychotria daphnoides

Inflorescence.—In terminal cymes, often 3 flowers together, pedicellate except central one. Calyx 1 to 1.5 mm long. Corolla 2.5 to 5 mm long, white to cream; lobes usually shorter than tube.


Fruit.— Ellipsoid, c. 5 to 7 mm long, creamy–white, crowned by persistent calyx, longitudinally ribbed and furrowed.

Ripe.— Summer

Psychotria daphnoides