Proiphys cunninghamii —Brisbane Lily—AMARYLLIDACEAE

Proiphys cunninghamii

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Habitat—Grows in Wet Sclerophyll Forest and on Rainforest margins, usually on clay–loams in coastal districts.

Distribution—North from Glenugie Peak in New South Wales and into Queensland.

Description—Herb with bulb to 5 cm diam.

Local occurrences

Raintrees Diamond Beach

Leaves.— Few; lamina ovate, 10– to 25 cm long and 6.5 to 13 cm wide, margins flat, apex acute or short–acuminate, base rounded to shallowly cordate; petiole 8 to 25 cm long.

Inflorescence.—Scape 25 to 80 cm high; umbel 5 to 12-flowered, white; involucral bracts 2 or 3, 15 to 50 mm long; pedicels 10 to 35 mm long. Perianth white; tube 7 to 16 mm long; lobes 10 to 20 mm long. Corona 10–20 mm long, the expanded filaments united for 12 to 16 mm; lobes recurved.


Proiphys cunninghamii
Proiphys cunninghamii

Fruit.—Green turning orange when ripe; about 2 cm in diameter.

Ripe.—Late Summer