Polyosma cunninghamii— Featherwood—ESCALLONIACEAE

Polyosma cunninghamii

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Habitat— Grows in subtropical and warm—temperate rainforest; chiefly in coastal districts.

Distribution— North from Pebbly Beach (north of Batemans Bay) in New South Wales to Queensland.

Description—Tree to 15 m high, new growth sparsely to densely appressed hairy

Local occurrences

Barrington/Gloucester Tops and Cape Hawke.

Leaves.— Simple, opposite, toothed, hairless, stiff, oblanceolate to elliptic, 3 to 9 cm long, 1 to 3 cm wide, apex acuminate to acute, base cuneate, margins irregularly toothed with teeth ending in a callus point, lamina ± soft, glabrous, upper surface glossy, lower surface paler, venation more distinct on lower surface; petiole 10 to 20 mm long.

Polyosma cunninghamii
Polyosma cunninghamii

Inflorescence.—Racemes shorter than leaves; 2 small bracteoles below each flower. Calyx 1 to 2 mm long. Corolla tubular, 8 to 10 mm long, greenish to white.

Flowering.—March to November.

Fruit.—Berry ovoid, 12 to 15 mm long, 7 to 10 mm diam., black, ribbed.

Ripe.—Winter to Late Summer.

Polyosma cunninghamii