Asplenium polyodon —Mare's Tail Fern—ASPLENIACEAE

Asplenium polyodon

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Habitat—Widespread in Rainforest, epiphytic or growing on rocks.


North from the south coast of New South Wales and into Queensland. Also occurrs New Zealand, Asia, Malesia and the Pacific Islands.

Description—Rhizome medium-creeping,thick, densely covered with brown scales

Local occurrences

Barrington/Gloucester Tops, Boorganna Nature Reserve, Dorrigo National Park and Copeland.

Fronds.— Almost erect or pendent, 1—pinnate, 30 to 100 cm long; pinnae variable in size, from 3 to 5 cm long in small fronds, to 15 cm long in larger ones, apex long—acuminate, margins toothed; lamina thin but not translucent, never giving rise to proliferous buds; veins free

Asplenium polyodon
Asplenium polyodon

Sori— Superficial, 7 to 11 mm long, indusium membranous.