Pimelea ligustrina subsp. ligustrina—Tall Rice Flower—THYMELAEACEAE

Pimelea ligustrina

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Habitat— In regrowth and on margins of Subtropical, Cool-temperate and Warm-temperate Rainforest.

Distribution— North from the Otway Ranges in Victoria, through New South Wales and to the McPherson Range in Queensland.

Description—Shrub to 2.5 meters high.

Local occurrences

Barrington Tops National Park, Coorabakh National Park, Copeland Tops State Conservation Area, Myall Lakes National Park and Tapin Tops National Park

Leaves.—Simple, opposite, margins entire, leaves ±hairless, bark on twigs pullin away in long strips, very tough. Oblanceolate to narrow–elliptic, 3 to 7 cm long, apex acute, base tapered, thin and soft but firm, hairless, upper surface mid–green and dull or slightly glossy, lower surface much paler, dull but with a whitish green bloom; petiole 1 to 3 mm long, broad with incurved margins.

Pimelea ligustrina
Pimelea ligustrina

Inflorescence.— Flowers bisexual and female, 1 to 1.7 cm long, white, in heads, surrounded by bracts.


Fruit.—A drupe, ovid, 3 to 5 mm long, greenish, in heads.