Phyllanthus similis—Spurge—Phyllanthaceae

Phyllanthus similis

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Habitat—Grows along creeks or at the edge of rainforest, mainly on the coast.

Distribution—North from the South Coast of New South Wales to Queensland.

Description—Erect subshrub to 60 cm high, rhizomatous, glabrous, well—branched with distinctly reddish stems and branches

Local occurrences

Copeland Tops State Conservation Area, Dooragan National Park and Myall Lakes National Park.

Leaves.— Compound, alternate, entire, leaves 2—ranked, lamina obovate to elliptic, mostly 10 to 20 mm long, 6 to 10 mm wide, apex obtuse to acute or mucronate.

Phyllanthus similis
Phyllanthus similis

Inflorescence.—Male flowers in 2 or 3—flowered clusters on peduncles to 1 mm long, females usually solitary,on peduncles lengthening to 3 mm long in fruit. Perianth segments ovate, c. 1.5 mm long, slightly enlarging in fruit. Stamens 3, filaments free. Styles short, deeply bifid


Fruit.—Capsule 3.5 to 4 mm diam., pale yellow—orange;seeds orange-brown, striated

Ripe.—Late Summer to Autumn.