Pentaceras australe—Crow's Ash, Bastard Crow's Ash, Black Teak, Penta Ash—RUTACEAE

Pentaceras australe

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Habitat—Grows in dry and subtropical rainforest of coastal districts, often regenerating freely after clearing.

Distribution— North from the Richmond River in New South Wales and into Queensland.

Description—Tree up to 25 m high.

Local occurrences


Leaves.—Compound, alternate, distinct oil dots, mostly 15 to 50 cm long; leaflets 7 to 17, ovate to lanceolate, 3 to 15 cm long, 0.7 to 6.5 cm wide, apex acuminate to bluntly acuminate, base strongly asymmetric, margins entire or slightly crenate, glabrous, oil glands numerous and conspicuous; petiole 6 to 25 cm long; lateral petiolules 3 to 10 mm long

Pentaceras australe
Pentaceras australe

Inflorescence.—Panicle many–flowered, much–branched. Flowers honey–scented. Calyx c. 0.5 mm long. Petals 2.5 to 3 mm long, white.

Flowering.—August to November

Fruit.—Samara 2 to 5 cm long, 1 to 2 cm wide, light brown to yellowish, central part ± globose, surrounded by wing.

Ripe.—Autumn (Mainly March)