Pellaea paradoxa—Large-leaved Sickle Fern—ADIANTACEAE.

Pellaea paradoxa

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Habitat—In rock crevices,often in rainforest but extending to drier sites.

Distribution— From the Central Coast of New South Wales, north to Queensland. Also New Zealand.

Description—Terrestrial fern, rhizome medium—creeping, wiry.

Local occurrences

Barrington/Gloucester Tops, Booti Hill, Cape Hawke, Cellito, Copeland, Dixon Property, Waitui Falls and Zamia Place Reserve.

Fronds.—Fronds crowded or scattered, mostly erect, to 65 cm high; stipe 60 to 80%length of frond, black, covered with narrow, pale scales; lamina dull green, pinnae alternate, 9 to 23 per frond, ovate to lanceolate and usually falcate, usually 4 to 9 cm long and 1 to 4 cm wide, borne on stalks 1 to 5 mm long. Juvenile fronds simple and lamina ovate to ± circular or with 3 or 5 pinnae

Pellaea paradoxa
Pellaea paradoxa

Sori.—Marginal band of sori 2 to 3 mm wide.