Oxysepala shepherdii—Wheat–leaved Orchid—ORCHIDACEAE

Oxysepala shepherdii

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Habitat—Grows on rocks or trees in rainforest, often in deep shade; from sea level to c. 1000 m alt.

Distribution— North from Conjola in New South Wales and into Queensland

Description— Epiphyte or epilith orchid with rhizomes prostrate and forming a dense mat; pseudobulbs 2 to 9 mm apart, depressed–globose to ovoid, 2 to 3 mm diam., smooth.

Local occurrences

Ellenborough Falls and Tapin Tops National Park

Leaves.— Elliptic to obovate or ovate or narrowly so, 1.5 to 4 cm long, 4 to 8 mm wide, succulent, much bulkier than the inconspicuous pseudobulbs, channelled on upper surface.

Oxysepala shepherdii
Oxysepala shepherdii

Inflorescence.—Axis plus pedicel, 0.5 to 0.9 cm long, 1–flowered. Sepals white with yellow tips; dorsal sepal 4 to 5 mm long, lanceolate; lateral sepals similar to dorsal sepal, coherent for up to half their length. Lateral petals about half as long as dorsal sepal, colourless. Labellum deep orange. Ovary smooth.

Flowering.—September to November