Orites excelsus—Prickly Ash, Mountain Silky Oak.—PROTEACEAE.

Orites excelsus

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Habitat—Grows in cooler Rainforest, especially in the higher ranges.

Distribution— North of the Hunter Valley in New South Wales and to North Queensland.

Description—Medium—sized to tall tree to 30 m high; bark brown or grey, ± smooth, often minutely scaly.

Local occurrences

Barrington/Gloucester Tops, Boorganna Nature Reserve, Sea Acres National Park and Waitui Falls.

Leaves.— Simple, alternate, margins lobed, venation pinnate; oblanceolate to oblong, mostly 10 to 15 cm long and 10 to 30 mm wide, variously lobed and often larger on young plants, apex ± acute, base tapering, margins regularly toothed, upper surface green and glossy, lower surface grey to whitish; petiole 5 to 15 mm long.

Orites excelsus
Orites excelsus

Inflorescence.—Conflorescences axillary, 5 to 10 cm long, shorter than the leaves. Flowers c. 6 mm long, white. Ovary glabrous

Flowering.—Winter to early Spring.

Fruit.—Follicle 20 to 30 mm long, glabrescent; seed 4 to 6 mm long, wing to 14 mm long.