Olearia argophylla—Native Musk, Silver Shrub, Musk Daisy-bush—ASTERACEAE

Olearia argophylla

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Habitat—Grows in wet sclerophyll forest and on rainforest margins.

Distribution— North from Tasmania into Victoria and to Whian Whian State Forest in New South Wales.

Description—Shrub or small tree to 9 m high.


Australian National Botanic Gardens Canberra

Leaves.—Simple, alternate, scattered, toothed; lamina broad–elliptic, 15 to 184 mm long, 10 to 90 mm wide; apex acuminate or acute, mucronate; margins toothed or entire, flat; surfaces discolorous, upper surface glabrous and green, lower surface minutely silver–tomentose; venation reticulate; petiole to 25 mm long.

Olearia argophylla
Olearia argophylla

Inflorescence.—Heads terminal, in simple corymbs, pedunculate, 13 to 27 mm diam.; peduncle to 20 mm long. Ray florets 3 to 8, white. Disc florets 4 to 17, cream or pale yellow.

Flowering.—September to April

Fruit.—Achenes glabrous; pappus with 26 to 43 bristles in 1 to 2 series.

Ripe.—Summer to late Autumn