Rubus x novus—Native Raspberry—ROSACEAE.

Rubus x novus

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Habitat—Widespread in a variety of habitats including rainforest margins .Could be expected to occur wherever the two parents are growing in close proximity.

Distribution— It occurs very sporadically from eastern Victoria, through New South Wales to near Sarina in central Queensland,

Description— A naturally occurring hybrid between Rubus moluccanus var. trilobus and Rubus parvifolius. The 'x' in front of the species epithet indicates that it is a hybrid.

Local occurrences

Booti Booti National Park.

Leaves.— Simple, alternate, toothed; usually trifoliolate, with leaflets much larger than Rubus parvifolius. Margins toothed, upper surface ± glabrous and wrinkled, lower surface white—tomentose.

Inflorescence.—In panicles or solitary in upper axils. Petals pink.

Flowering.—Spring to Summer.

Fruit.—This hybrid is sterile — it never sets fruit. This explains why it is not terribly common.


Rubus x novus