Notothixos cornifolius — Kurrajong Mistletoe—SANTALACEAE

Notothixos cornifolius

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Habitat— In rainforests and sclerophyll forests Hosts are almost exclusively species of family Sterculiaceae.

Distribution— In coastal districts and adjacent ranges from the far South Coast and Western Slopes; west to Burrinjuck in New South Wales, north to near the Queensland border.

Description—Spreading or pendent parasitic plant with stems to 1 m long with indumentum white or tawny, mainly of short hairs, becoming sparse or absent on lower leaf surface, inflorescence axes and fruit with age.

Local occurrences

Talawah Nature Reserve

Leaves.—Elliptic to narrow—ovate, rarely lanceolate, sometimes falcate, usually 5 to 9 cm long, 15 to 25 mm wide, apex usually rounded, rarely acute; petiole 5 to 10 mm long. Prophylls c. 0.3 mm long; cataphylls broad—triangular, c. 1 mm long, ± sheathing stem.

Inflorescence.—Inflorescence indeterminate of 5 to 12 decussate pairs of cymules. Male flower c. 1 mm diam.; stipe c. 0.7 mm long. Female flower 2.5 to 3 mm long.

Flowering.— Spring to Summer.

Notothixos cornifolius

Fruit.—Fruit ellipsoid, c. 7 mm long.

Ripe.—Late summer to Autumn