Nothofagus moorei —Antarctic Beech—NOTHOFAGACEAE

Nothofagus moorei

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Habitat—Dominant species in Cool–temperate Rainforest up to 1550 m alt.,

Distribution— North from the Barrington Tops in New South Wales to the McPherson Range in Queensland.

Description—Evergreen tree to 50 m, often with massive trunk surrounded by basal coppice shoots.

Local occurrences

Barrington/Gloucester Tops and Dorrigo National Park

Leaves.— Simple, alternate, toothed, terminal buds scaly, 2–ranked, ± ovate, usually 3 to 10 cm long, margins toothed, glossy, ± glabrous, leathery; petiole 3 to 5 mm long; stipules 8 to 10 mm long, often reflexed, caducous.

Nothofagus moorei
Nothofagus moorei

Inflorescence.— Male flowers formed on the twig below, and maturing before, the female flowers. Male flowers of 16 to 40 stamens in a cup−shaped involucre, 5 to 10 mm diam.; shortly pedicellate. Female flowers ± sessile, 3 together and surrounded by an involucre of bracts; ovary 3–locular.

Flowering.— Spring but not every year

Fruit.— Involucre 8 to 10 mm long and covered by bristly processes in fruit, opens in 4 valves; nuts small, 1 or 2 in each involucre.


Nothofagus moorei