Neisosperma poweri—Milkbush—APOCYNACEAE

Neisosperma poweri

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Habitat— In Subtropical Rainforest.

Distribution— North from the Richmond River and Tweed River districts in New South Wales and into Queensland; rare.

Description—Glabrous shrub or tree to 9 m high, with milky latex; terminal buds enclosed in a firm yellow gum.

Local occurrences

Raintrees Diamond Beach, Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney and The North Coast Regional Botanic Gardens Coffs Harbour.

Leaves.— Simple opposite or in whorls, entire, oblanceolate to obovate or elliptic, 6 to 14 cm long, 2 to 5 cm wide, apex mucronate or short–acuminate, gradually tapered to base, upper surface dark green and glossy, lower surface paler green; venation more prominent on upper surface, secondary veins 12 to 18 pairs, intramarginal vein present; petiole 2 to 10 mm long

Neisosperma poweri
Neisosperma poweri

Inflorescence.— White, scented. Corolla tube c. 7 mm long, lobes c. 5 mm long.

Flowering.— Autumn

Fruit.—Drupes ellipsoid to ovoid, 2.5 to 4 cm long, 12 to 16 mm diam., bright red, glossy, apex pointed; endocarp thick, hard, nearly smooth; seed 1.


Neisosperma poweri