Syzygium smithii (Synonym: Acmena smithii)'Narrow-leaved form'— Narrow-leaved Lilly Pilly—MYRTACEAE.

Syzygium smithii

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Habitat— Subtropical, Warm-temperate and dry Rainforests.

Distribution—From the Sydney area in New South Wales North into Queensland.

Description—Small tree bordering streams.

Local occurrences

Forster Cemetery

Leaves.— Simple, opposite, intramarginal vein, entire, narrow—oblanceolate to very narrow—elliptic, 2 to 7 cm long, 4 to 6 times as long as wide, tapering at the apex, gradually tapering to base.

Syzygium smithii
Syzygium smithii

Inflorescence.—Panicles terminal. Petals ± circular, irregular in shape, 1 to 1.5 mm long, ± cohering. Stamens 1 to 3 mm long.


Fruit.— Globose, 8 to 20 mm diam., white to purple.