Polyscias murrayi— Pencil Cedar, Umbrella Tree, White Basswood, Pencilwood—ARALIACEAE.

Polyscias murrayi

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Habitat—Grows on rainforest margins on shaley or basaltic soils, common species in disturbed rainforest; widespread in coastal districts

Distribution—Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

Description—Sparingly branched tree to 24 m high, glabrous.

Local occurrences

Coorabakh National Park, Dorrigo National Park, Forster, Kiwarrak State Forest, Myall Lakes National Park, Raintrees Diamond Beach, Talawahl State Conservation Area, Tallwoods Diamond Beach, Tapin Tops National Park and Wallingat National Park

Leaves.— Compound, leaflets 13 to 51, margins finely toothed, terminal leaf present, 1—pinnate, to 1.3 m long with 11 to 17 pairs of leaflets; leaflets narrow—ovate to elliptic, 6 to 16 cm long, 3 to 9 cm wide, apex acute to acuminate, base truncate or shortly attenuate and often asymmetric, margins minutely toothed, not aromatic when crushed; petiole U—shaped in cross section.

Polyscias murrayi
Polyscias murrayi

Inflorescence.—A large compound panicle with umbels of flowers arranged more or less racemosely along the branches, covered with minute simple hairs. Calyx with 5 small teeth. Petals cream to light green. Ovary 2 or 3—locular.

Flowering.—February to April.

Fruit.—Sub—globose, c. 4 mm long, purple—blue when ripe.


Polyscias murrayi