Monococcus echinophorus—Monococcus—PETIVERIACEAE

Monococcus echinophorus

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Habitat—In subtropical rainforest near the coast, or along banks of coastal streams; not common.

Distribution—North from Forster district in New South Wales into Queensland. Also on islands in the Pacific Ocean.

Description—Shrub 1 to 3 m high, young growth finely hairy

Local occurrences

Cape Hawke

Leaves.— Simple, alternate, entire, buds distinctly hairy, ovate to lanceolate, 3 to 10 cm long, 1 to 3 cm wide, apex bluntly acuminate and often ± mucronate, margins entire to irregularly crenate, often undulate; petiole 5 to 15 mm long

Monococcus echinophorus
Monococcus echinophorus

Inflorescence—Racemes elongating to 15 to 25 cm long in fruiting stage, pendent. Flowers 2 to 3 mm long, white.

Flowering.—Winter to Spring

Fruit—4 to 6 mm long, burr—like, green or brown; 1—seeded.

Ripe.—Late Spring to Summer.

Monococcus echinophorus