Microsorum scandens —Fragrant Fern—POLYPODIACEAE

Microsorum scandens

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Habitat—Widespread in rainforest and fern gullies.

Distribution—North from Victoria, through New South Wales and into Queensland. Also on Lord Howe Island.

Description—A terrestrial fern, creeping, often forming mats on boulders and tree trunks,

Local occurrences

Barrington Tops National Park, Boorganna Nature Reserve, Coorabakh National Park, Copeland Tops State Conservation Area, Dooragan National Park, Tapin Tops National Park and Wingham Brush Nature Reserve

Fronds.— Rhizome very long–creeping, tough and wiry, scales spreading and persistent. Fronds 20 to 50 cm long, simple or pinnatifid, both types often present together and both may be fertile; stipe to 20 cm long; lamina to 35 cm long, membranous, dark green, with a musk scent when fresh.

Microsorum scandens
Microsorum scandens

Sori.— Usually 1 to 3 mm diam., circular or ovate, sunken into the lamina.