Daphnandra micrantha —Socketwood—Atherospermataceae

Daphnandra micrantha

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Habitat—In or near margins of rainforest or more usually in disturbed rainforest to 450 m alt., commonly on rocky sites near creeks

Distribution—Confined to the coastal watersheds of the Hastings and N Manning R. systems and adjacent coastal areas.

Description—Small tree.

Local occurrences

Barrington/Gloucester Tops and Boorganna Nature Reserve.

Leaves.— Simple, opposite, toothed, hairless, soft to firm; mostly obovate to elliptic, rarely ± ovate, 7 to 17 cm long, 1 to 5 cm wide, margins finely toothed; drying dull olive—grey to blackish; petiole 3 to 8 mm long.

Daphnandra micrantha
Daphnandra micrantha

Inflorescence—Pedicels 3 to 7 mm long. Perianth 3 to 4.5 mm long, greenish or pale yellow.


Fruit— Receptacle narrow—cylindrical to urn—shaped, 15 to 24 mm long, glabrous; walls ± papery; pedicel 5 to 10 mm long.