Ficus macrophylla —Moreton Bay Fig—MORACEAE

Ficus macrophylla

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Habitat—In coastal rainforest of all types, widely cultivated.

Distribution—North from the Shoalhaven River, New South Wales and Queensland.

Description—Large spreading tree, epiphytic and strangling in early stages, trunks becoming massive with large buttresses; young stems glabrous.

Local occurrences

Bennett Head, Black Head, Brown's Creek Bicentennial Gardens, Burgess Beach, Cliff Road, Forster Cemetery, Forster Park and Marina, Forster/Tuncurry Streets, Little Street, Penenton Creek and Wetlands, Queen Elizabeth Park Taree, Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney, Saltwater Nature Reserve and Second Head

Leaves.— Simple, alternate, pointed rolled stipules, latex present, ovate to elliptic or oblong, 10 to 25 cm long, 7 to 10 cm wide, upper surface green and glabrous, lower surface rusty—coloured due to covering of minute scales, often glabrescent with age; petiole 5 to 10 cm long; stipules usually 3 to 10 cm long, finely hairy to glabrous.

Ficus macrophylla
Ficus macrophylla

Fruit—Figs ± globose, 20 to 25 mm diam., orange turning purple at maturity; stalk 10 to 20 mm long; paired or solitary.

Ripe.—Throughout year.