Lomatia arborescens—Smooth Lomatia—PROTEACEAE

Lomatia arborescens

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Habitat—Grows in cooler rainforest, or moist situations in wet sclerophyll forest at higher altitudes.

Distribution— North from Barrington Tops,and west to Mt Kaputar, New South Wales and Queensland.

Description—Shrub or small tree to 10m high; bark grey-brown, buds rusty—hairy

Local occurrences

Barrington/Gloucester Tops

Leaves.— Simple, entire, alternate, toothed; leaves ovate to lanceolate or oblong—elliptic,3 to 15 cm long, 1.5 to 6 cm wide, margins entire or crenate to coarsely toothed, teeth not pungent, base acute or obtuse, glabrous, reticulate venation often apparent but not conspicuously raised on upper surface; petiole 10 to 40 cm long, often about a third the length of the lamina.

Lomatia arborescens
Lomatia arborescens

Inflorescence—Conflorescences axillary, raceme—like, 8 to 15 cm long, not or scarcely exceeding the leaves. Perianth 5 to 7 mm long, cream, ±glabrous.


Fruit—Follicle25-35 mm long

Ripe.—April to May

Lomatia arborescens