Prumnopitys ladei—Mount Spurgeon Black Kauri Pine, Mount Spurgeon Pine.—PODOCARPACEAE.

Prumnopitys ladei

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Habitat—Grows in well developed mountain rainforest on soils derived from granite.

Distribution—Endemic to North East Queensland, restricted to the Mount Spurgeon to Mount Lewis area. Altitudinal range from 900-1300 m.

Description—Large tree.

Local occurrences

Raintrees Diamond Beach, Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney and The Regional Botanic Gardens Coffs Harbour.

Leaves.—Leaf blades rather small, less than 2.5 cm long and about 0.2 to 0.3 cm wide, usually alternate and not spirally arranged on the twigs. Petioles very short or absent. A small ridge running down the twig from the base of each petiole.

Prumnopitys ladei
Prumnopitys ladei

Inflorescence.—Male cones about 7 to 9 x 2 to 2.5 mm, peduncle short or nil.


Fruit.—Receptacle small and inconspicuous. Fruits globular or ellipsoid, about 25 to 30 x 20 to 25 mm. Seed about 18 to 20 x 12-15 mm. Endocarp thick, about 2 to 6 mm and hard. Embryo quite small.


Prumnopitys ladei