Thelychiton kingianus — Pink Rock Orchid—ORCHIDACEAE.

Thelychiton kingianus

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Habitat—Grows on rocks or occasionally on soil and very rarely on trees; in open forest, including rainforest to woodland and in exposed situations from near sea level to c. 1000 m alt.

Distribution—North from the Hunter River in New South Wales into Queensland..

Description— Epilith or rarely epiphyte or terrestrial; stems erect to spreading, succulent, thickest at the base and tapering markedly towards apex, rooting only at base, 5 to 30 cm long, 1.1 to 2.2 mm diam., with 3 to 6 leaves at apex; roots smooth, creeping.

Local occurrences

Zamia Place Reserve.

Leaves.— Spreading to erect, narrow—elliptic to narrow—obovate, 3 to 10 cm long, 10 to 20 mm wide, conduplicate, thin, smooth.

Thelychiton kingianus
Thelychiton kingianus

Inflorescence.— 7 to 15 cm long, 2 to 15—flowered. Sepals and lateral petals white to deep purple but usually pink; dorsal sepal 9 to 16 mm long, 4 to 7 mm wide; labellum with a green keel and usually boldly marked with purple, 8 to 15 mm long, 7 to 12 mm wide. Column c. 3 mm long; column foot 5 to 8 mm long.

Flowering.—August to October.