Solanum aviculare— Kangaroo Apple, Poroporo—SOLANACEAE.

Solanum aviculare

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Habitat—Grows in disturbed areas, often as a weed; widespread in coastal rainforest, west to Condobolin area in New South Wales.

Distribution— Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia.

Description— Erect shrub to 4 m high, glabrous except for hairs on new growth and corolla apices; prickles absent.

Local occurrences

Australis Resort, Barrington/Gloucester Tops, Cape Hawke, Copeland, Diamond Beach, Dixon Property, Sea Acres National Park and Wallingat National Park.

Leaves.— Simple, alternate, margins lobed or entire, venation pinnate, concolorous, glabrous; lobed leaves broad—elliptic to obovate, 15 to 30 cm long, lobes 1 to 10 cm long, 0.5 to 2 cm wide, petiole to 4 cm long; entire leaves lanceolate to narrow to elliptic, 8 to 25 cm long, 1 to 3.5 cm wide, petiole 1 to 2 cm long.

Solanum aviculare
Solanum aviculare

Inflorescence.—1 to 10—flowered; peduncle to 35 mm long; rachis to 150 mm long, often forked at base; pedicels 15 to 20 mm long. Calyx 5 to 6 mm long; lobes 1.5 to 3 mm long. Corolla rotate—stellate, 25 to 40 mm diam., blue-violet.


Fruit.—Berry 10 to 15 mm diam., orange—red to scarlet.

Ripe.—May to June.

Solanum aviculare