Hernandia bivalvis— Grease nut—HERNANDIACEAE

Hernandia bivalvis

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Habitat—In dry rainforest and vinescrubs

Distribution—Restricted to the Moreton region in Queensland, where it has only been recorded from a few locations since the early days of settlement. Also recorded at Mt England-Wivenhoe Dam area at Fernvale and growing in a strip of scrub on cliffs overlooking the Brisbane River between Mt Crosby and Ugly Gully and in the Mt Pleasant area in the Pine Rivers region.

Description—Small tree 6 to 12 meters tall.

Local occurrences

Raintrees Diamond Beach

Leaves.— Simple, alternate, entire, oil dots minute, domatia absent, appearing three veined from the base. Straight trunk, greyish brown bark and a dense canopy of shiny bright green leaves. Leave opposite, ovate, prominant intramarginal and reticulate veins, tapering to a blunt point. Petiole very long.

Hernandia bivalvis
Hernandia bivalvis

Inflorescence.—Cream; in clusters.


Fruit.—Red or orange fleshy bracts which overlap, enclosing an ovoid nut.

Ripe.—February to April.