Taurantha collina—Greenhood—ORCHIDACEAE.

Taurantha collina

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Habitat—Grows in wet sclerophyll forest and on rainforest margins.

Distribution—North of Newcastle, New South Wales into Queensland.

Description— Terrestrial herb.

Local occurrences


Leaves.—Rosette leaves 3 to 6, ovate to oblong, 1 to 4 cm long, 5 to 15 mm wide, shiny, margins entire or crinkled; petiolate.

Inflorescence.—Scape to 20 cm high. Flowers c. 3 cm long, erect, white heavily suffused with red or bright green. Apex of galea decurved. Dorsal sepal acuminate to long—acuminate. Lateral sepals tightly embracing the galea; sinus broadly U—shaped when viewed from the front, flat or shallowly mounded when viewed from the side; free points filiform, 15 to 25 mm long, erect. Petals broad, apex nearly truncate, apiculate. Labellum narrow—ovate to lanceolate, 11 to 13 mm long, c. 2.5 mm wide, brown, apex deeply notched the lobes widely spreading, distal third protruding from the sinus in the set position.

Flowering.—April to August.