Atractocarpus benthamianus subsp. benthamianus —Native Gardenia—RUBIACEAE

Atractocarpus benthamianus

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Habitat— In Rainforest and Tall Sclerophyll Forest.

Distribution—North from Forster and west of Murwillumbah in New South Wales and to the Gibbergunyan Range near Chillingham in Queensland.

Description—Tall shrub or small tree to 8 m high, young shoots pubescent

Local occurrences

Cape Hawke, Booti Booti National Park, Coocumbac Island Taree and Dorrigo National Park.

Leaves.— Simple, margins entire, oil dots absent, mainly opposite or in whorls of 3 or 4; lamina oblong—obovate, mostly 5 to 20 cm long, 2 to 6 cm wide, apex acuminate or blunt, lamina pubescent on lower surface, lateral veins curved, ± looping, fine domatia present in vein axils; petiole 5 to 10 mm long.

Atractocarpus benthamianus
Atractocarpus benthamianus

Inflorescence—Flowers axillary or terminal in up to 3 to 9—flowered clusters; pedicels c. 6—18 mm long. Calyx c. 5 to 8 mm long, toothed, hairy. Corolla white, tube 6 to 8 mm long, lobes 5, 8 to 15 mm long. Style hairy

Flowering. July to October

Fruit.—Fruit ovoid to globose, up to 3 cm long and 2.5 cm diameter, yellowish, crowned by scar of calyx limb.