Sarcochilus fitzgeraldii—Ravine Orchid—ORCHIDACEAE

Sarcochilus fitzgeraldii

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Habitat— Usually grows on rocks or rarely on bases of trees, in subtropical rainforest, usually near streams, from 500 to 700 m alt.

Distribution— North from the Macleay River in New South Wales into Queensland.

Description— Semi—pendent epilith or rarely an epiphyte, often forming large, branching mats of shoots; stems 8 to 100 cm long.

Local occurrences

Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney

Leaves.— Narrow—oblong to linear to triangular, 6 to 20 cm long, 10 to 15 mm wide, slightly channelled, not spotted.

Sarcochilus fitzgeraldii
Sarcochilus fitzgeraldii

Inflorescence.—10 to 20 cm long, 4 to 15—flowered, spreading to arching; rachis much shorter than peduncle; pedicel plus ovary c. 15 mm long. Flowers not campanulate; dorsiventral dimension of flower about equal to lateral dimension. Sepals and lateral petals elliptic to spathulate, white to pink, with pink to crimson spots at the base or covering them. Labellum 5 to 6 mm long, about half as long as dorsal sepal, glabrous. Column c. 2 mm long, about two—thirds as long as column foot, set almost at right angles to it.

Flowering.—October to November